Our Story

See that picture up top? Taken in July 2022, it’s when Steve and Jason first met in person. Yeah, for six years we’d been friends and co-hosted a podcast before we met in person. Jason picked up Steve at the Tucson airport to attend the IASD (Assoc. for Study of Dreams) annual conference together. Steve presented his music with a live performance that brought down the house, and Jason enlightened his audience by teaching his simple and effective DREAMS 1-2-3 process of dream interpretation. Damn, what a week!

See that basketball jersey Jason is wearing? It’s the jersey for Muggsy Bogues, the NBA Hall of Fame point guard who stood 5’3” tall and absolutely killed it on the court. Unknown to Jason when he picked that jersey to wear that day, Muggsy is Steve’s childhood hero.

Meant to be? In so many ways….

Steve and Jason met online on the IASD Facebook page, in a discussion where someone repeated rumors that Carl Jung was a Nazi sympathizer. Steve set the record straight about Jung, and Jason backed him up. Jung is Jason’s hero, and anyone who is a friend of Jung is a friend of his.

For the next few years they deepened their friendship around their shared love of dreams. Then one day Steve said Yo! Let’s do a podcast together. We’ll share our love of dreams with that world! Steve didn’t know at the time that Jason already felt neck-deep in commitments and the only way he’d take on another one was if it felt meant to be.

Yeah, it was meant to be.

Steve came up with the concept of highlighting the life-shaping power of dreams by interviewing people with amazing stories and testimonials. Dreams shaped their lives, and now we teach people how their dreams may shape their lives for personal growth, improved relationships, decision-making, creativity, self-knowledge, depth of experience, and meaning to life.

We are:

Music is the sound of my soul.

This is a common sight in my house. Me at my keyboard and my son at my side.


Steve Ernenwein

Dreams are the doorway to my soul.

Carl Jung said something to that effect and I know it’s true. My dreams led me to the deep places inside where some part of me only shows itself when I approach it from a place of love. Call it soul.

We call our cat Beetlejuice because she’s a bit crazy. Yeah, she’s named after the movie character. We found her abandoned in an apartment. Best. Cat. Ever.

I’m an author — published four books and more are on the way. I teach people how to understand their dreams. My online courses are at RadOwl’s Dream School.

I’m also RadOwl at r/dreams, Reddit’s most popular spot for dream sharing and the largest in the world. I’ve been lead moderator for since 2013.