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Happy Anniversary! Two Years of The Dreams That Shape Us

Co-hosts Steve and Jason look back on two years of podcasting together. With special appearances and updates from our guests and a few surprises from Mixmaster Stevie-E.

Featured Episodes

Dreams Never Abandon Us in Our Grief

Mary Jo Heyen gave us her last interview before passing on, and it's a testament to the healing power of dreams.

The Antelope and the Thawing of the Glacial Heart

Matt Cochran's dreams gave him a feeling of connection with antelope. Then he went out into the forest to summon them and felt silly... until they answered his call.

Dial Into Station: Old Friend and His New Family

Rochelle began dreaming about an old friend and his new family, and even though they had been out of touch for years, her precognitive dreams showed her exactly what was happening.

Back to the Life I Know

Harper started dreaming about a show he'd never seen or heard of. And he discovered a very personal message that gave him back his life. An incredible story of dream intervention and synchronicity.

The Harvest and the Teenage Scavengers

Artist Brenda Ferrimani dreamed about her daughter and it gave her the insights to repair the rends in their relationship.

The Very Thought of You

Maureen Biro's dreams helped her navigate her mother's alzheimer's / dementia and showed her that her mom's experience of it, while heartbreaking, was full of beauty and song.