Close Encounters of the Dreaming Kind (Fred) – S3,Ep11

The Dreams That Shape Us
The Dreams That Shape Us
Close Encounters of the Dreaming Kind (Fred) - S3,Ep11

Season 3 Finale – Listener Discretion is Advised

For almost the last 100 years, people have been reporting dream or dream like experiences of alien encounters and/or abduction experiences. Most of these have been passed off as dreams. Our guest, Fred Zewe, argues that some of these dreams are just “screen memories,” fake memories that either our brains concoct or the aliens give us to make the experience seem less traumatizing.

So, what do these experiences look like? How do you know it’s a screen memory and not simply a psychological dream or vice versa? Why might this be happening? Are they here to help? Can’t say we answer these questions with any real certainty – can anyone at the moment? But it’s a wild story from a man who has had the experiences himself and investigates them from others.

So many people who have had experiences like this tell no one about it and carry it silently because they don’t want to look or sound crazy. We treat the topic respectfully, but we do have a bit of fun!

We hope you join us for a pretty out of this world story and discussion!

Original Music by Steven Ernenwein

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See you on the 3rd Tuesday of January!! Till then NIGHTY NIGHT 🤘🙏🤠🤩🥰

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