If You Want to Come into your Power – (Steve-Grinch) – Ep18, S1

The Dreams That Shape Us
The Dreams That Shape Us
If You Want to Come into your Power - (Steve-Grinch) - Ep18, S1

Cohost Steve is delivered a powerful directive in a lucid dream on how to come into his power that opened a deeply initiatory experience in his life. Its an experience that has deeply reshaped his life forever and nascent within the journey was the discovery of the medicine and beauty he is being tasked to offer this world. And the guiding myth that not only informs this initiatory process but also his medicine is the story of the Grinch. This story is sure to rock you, break your heart, and then grow it 3 sizes. For the early listen to Steve’s new dream inspired music album, The Knowing, https://steven-m-ernenwein.bandcamp.com/album/the-knowing . To listen to the inner victim song from his last album: https://steven-m-ernenwein.bandcamp.com/track/inner-victim . Join us on Instagram @dreamsthatshapeus

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