Introducing: Turning Season/The Dreamers’ Den Podcast

The Dreams That Shape Us
The Dreams That Shape Us
Introducing: Turning Season/The Dreamers' Den Podcast

Join Steve and Leilani and get a firsthand look at what an actual group dreamwork session looks like. Leilani invited Steve to participate in a recorded projective style group dreamwork session for an episode of her own podcast, The Dreamers’ Den (Soon to be renamed Turning Season). The group helps Steve receive a massive breakthrough in him touching base with one of his deepest pockets of grief. It’s an amazing look at what shadow work and grief work looks like and the amazing care and beauty that dreams take in waking us into these spaces. Find all the episodes of the Dreamers’ Den at and all of Leilani’s other offerings and search for Turning Season to listen to the future of her podcast. We hope you enjoy!

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