May Death Step to you with Flowers (Susanne) – Ep2, S1

The Dreams That Shape Us
The Dreams That Shape Us
May Death Step to you with Flowers (Susanne) - Ep2, S1

Susanne shares with us a series of dreams that have helped her prepare for the death of her sister, who sadly left us this past summer of 2020 to pancreatic cancer. Steven and Susanne have a heartfelt discussion about these dreams and surrounding this particular cancer, as Steven’s late grandmother passed from it, as well. This episode is an ode to all the ones we’ve lost to cancer and the ones whom they left behind.

Interview by Steven Ernenwein
Narration by JM DeBord
Original music by Steven Ernenwein (IG: @aq_dreamwalker)
Recording and Editing by both JM, Steven

Susanne’s website:
Find books by JM Debord on Amazon and his Dream School at
Find Steve’s dream inspired hip hop and singer songwriter music on all major streaming platforms under AQ the Dreamwalker.

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