The Plants are Speaking (Val) – S2, Ep2

The Dreams That Shape Us
The Dreams That Shape Us
The Plants are Speaking (Val) - S2, Ep2

If you’re curious how our ancestors cultivated so much knowledge about the medicinal value of plants, Val, an herbalist, shares with us how the plants have been communicating with her through her dreams on special, non-traditional uses, offering strength and guidance, and she even shares a gorgeous dream of how they called her to the path of herbalism! We also talk quite a bit about animals as guides, waking dream experiences with animals and wild nature, and about how dreams and the spirit of life itself call us into our purpose through dreams. It’s a beautiful conversation full of value, beauty, meaning, and deep communion with the natural world and our dreams. Won’t want to miss it! For more info on Val – her bitters, teas, classes, and her new podcast, the Healers Moon podcast visit you can also follow her on Instagram @woodspell.apothecary. Follow us on Instagram @DreamsThatShapeUs

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