The Robed Woman and the Unusual Motherhood Journey (Tzivia) – S3, Ep4

The Dreams That Shape Us
The Dreams That Shape Us
The Robed Woman and the Unusual Motherhood Journey (Tzivia) - S3, Ep4

Following on the heels of mother’s day, we celebrate mother’s in sharing Tzivia’s very heartfelt, and at times heart wrenching, story of motherhood! Tzivia actually had no intention of becoming a mother, but life had other plans for her life and we get to see how her dreams held this for her and aided her every step of the way. It’s a beautiful ode to Parenthood and the little critters who crack our hearts open in ways and depths we never knew we could love another human. You’ll get to hear some dreams that have aided me in fatherhood, as well๐Ÿ™ Lots of heart in this one, we hope you will give it a listen and share it with your mom ๐Ÿ˜„

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All original music composed and performed by Steven Ernenwein

If you are interested in my Songwriting Soul Retrieval 8wk experience, please email me at [email protected]

Here’s the bare bones of the course!
1. Awaken the Muse
2. Be the Instrument
3. Your truest words
4. Let it reach in, and down
5. A Songwriter’s Self care
6. Our Wounds have Broken more than Skin
7. Metabolizing grief into beauty
8. Retrieval of the Songlines of the Soul

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