2yr Anniversary Episode – S2, Ep11

The Dreams That Shape Us
The Dreams That Shape Us
2yr Anniversary Episode - S2, Ep11

Welcome to our retrospective episode where we take stock in what our podcasting journey has meant for us! We hear from 11 of our guests and what sharing their stories has meant for them, you’ll get a slew of behind the scenes stories about some of our episodes, we work a dream of Steve’s about doing this episode, you get to hear a secret audio Steve took of Jason and Steve’s first conversation after the first episode was finished, all the original music is from previous episodes, lots of heart and bits of silliness, and so much more. It’s a beautiful heartfelt ode to the last two years and the true and beautiful family affair it’s been. Thank you to everyone who’s been listening and thank you to all of our brave and beautiful guests! Follow us on IG: @dreamsthatshapeus . www.dreamsshapeus.com . iPhone listeners: Please leave us a written review on Apple podcasts, it really makes a difference right now where we are at in our growth. Thank you! www.jmdebord.com . Search AQ the Dreamwalker on any streaming service for Steve’s music

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