The Power of Dreams Compels You (Ryan) – S3, Ep2

The Dreams That Shape Us
The Dreams That Shape Us
The Power of Dreams Compels You (Ryan) - S3, Ep2

*Content Warning: listeners discretion is advised*

Join Steve and Ryan Hurd as they explore Ryan’s story of facing nightmares in a lucid dream, sleep paralysis, generational trauma, core wounds, and so much more!! They speak to some really hush hush topics within lucid dreaming and the initiations most lucid dreamers fail to arise to when they begin being called deeper.

You won’t want to miss this deep, vulnerable, and soulful conversation surrounding the darker side of dream life!

Ryan Dungan Hurd (he/him) is an educator, author and dream researcher. He is interested in consciousness studies at the intersections of ecology, spirituality and material culture. His latest work is Lucid talisman: Forgotten lore. Ryan has been featured on NPR, CNN, Coast to Coast, Psychology Today, and many more venues. With a background in both archaeology and dream research, Ryan currently leads online workshops at his own Dream Studies Academy and also teaches graduate level courses at several universities. His website has been going strong since 2007. He currently lives in Philadelphia, PA.

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