The Reclamation of the Magical Self (Kris) – S3, Ep6

The Dreams That Shape Us
The Dreams That Shape Us
The Reclamation of the Magical Self (Kris) - S3, Ep6

As Mary Jo Heyen said in an earlier episode, “we don’t get to do this a la carte, if I’m frozen to my pain, I’m also frozen to my joy.” In this episode, our guest, Kris, experiences what being cut off from both does to the heart and soul. But, providence is afoot and goes to work on her through dreams and through a 3 year life experience living with indigenous Huichol families in Mexico – where she engaged in their ceremonies and took plant medicine. These experiences deeply shaped her and welcomed her back into he heart and recapture her magical self❤️

. Original Music by Steven Ernenwein

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See you on the third Tuesday of next month! (Spoiler: guest is a Vietnam vet with a wild healing story to tell!) Nighty night!

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