Take the Red Pill (Jonathan) – S2, Ep3

The Dreams That Shape Us
The Dreams That Shape Us
Take the Red Pill (Jonathan) - S2, Ep3

Join Jason and Dr Jonathan Hyland as they explore an amazing initiatory journey that he went on because of a presence and anxiety he felt arise within his body. It forces him to confront the unconscious on a somatic level versus strictly from an ideological standpoint. We find that this affliction eventually leads him into a deep relational experience with the unconscious and a wealth of understanding of its relationship to his conscious self. It’s a fascinating story that will potentially pretzel your mind and stretch your understanding of yourself, consciousness, and deep mystery of it all.

More info on Dr. Hyland – www.thedreamsdoctor.com ; IG – @thedreamsdoctor

JM Debord – www.jmdebord.com

Steve – IG – @aq_dreamwalker ; For my new dream inspired album, “The Knowing,” search AQ the Dreamwalker on your favorite music streaming app.

Follow the podcast on IG @dreamsthatshapeus

Edited by JM Debord
Original music written and performed by Steven Ernenwein
Features Snippet of “Morning Bell” by Radiohead

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